Professional Leadership

Due to their excellence in quality and experience in the practice of patent writing, our senior partners Miles Liao and Steven Chen were appointed by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy to be the only two writers for “invention patent specifications - machinery, electronics, and software.” Patent attorney Miles Liao has also been appointed as a committee member of the “Advisory Committee for promoting patent examination quality.” Patent attorney/attorney Steven Chen is often invited to speak at the Intellectual Property Court. 

All the partners in our firm have many years of experience in writing patent specifications. This is what sets us apart from many other firms, where the lawyers are former sales representatives or lack practical experience. Our partners are directly responsible for providing professional training to our professional team. We know that only leadership by true professionals with the relevant expertise can build a professional team.

Responsibility Orientation

Every case is negotiated and personally written by the staff member who is responsible for that case, making accountability very clear. Junior engineers are accompanied and assisted during the whole process by senior engineers, representatives, or partners in order to ensure high-quality output.

Our firm has no designated salesmen, so the case writing does not distinguish between “salesmen” or “engineers,” as in the old approach. Although efficiency is improved by adopting the salesman approach, such an approach entails a drop in quality. We know that one cannot foster a patent professional by assigning him a “desk job." Rather, a patent professional must take part in the discussions of the invention to understand the invention completely and assume full accountability.

Language Abilities

The majority of our cases involve applications for foreign patents. That is why our agents and patent engineers are trained to handle both domestic and international cases. Our professionals are carefully groomed, and accordingly, the quality of our patent writing exceeds that of other firms. When we write, we can take into account foreign patent practice to pursue the clients’ best interests and save on application fees. Thus, we require our staff to have sufficient proficiency in the English language.

Reliable Partners

We sincerely hope that we can win your trust and appreciation, as we prefer to work with companies who value quality. Please be assured that our quality will be far superior that of any other firms which you have ever worked with.

Education and Training

The partners and staff in our office are often invited to speak at colleges or companies. In the past, we have delivered speeches at such respected institutions as Mediatek, Acer, Wistron, Altek, YAMAHA, BenQ, First International Computer, TECO, U-tech, Institute for Information Industry, PChome, National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University, Tatung University, Chinese Culture University, Yuan Ze University, training courses for the patent examiners of the Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Court, Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy, Chinese National Federation of Industries, Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology in Hsinchu, and the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association.

Due to our substantial experience in educational training of R&D personnel and patent professionals, our firm can provide customized training courses. We also have solid practical experience in patent search and analysis, so we are ready to provide related services to our clients.